Shipping methods - Gift Idea
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Shipping methods


Shipping charges vary and are calculated based on weight and destination ZIP code. We ship internationally. Please feel free to email us for further details.

Shipping service is carried out by Mail Boxes. (

Packages can be delivered at Gift Idea Shop, Via Sabotino  10,14 in Alberobello during business hours without additional costs.


The Gift Idea Puglia Packaging involves a small commission ranging from 2% in Italy, up to 7% depending on the country where the order is placed.
The Gift Idea Puglia packaging requires the use of first choice materials that ensure the success of the shipment: double wave cartons, polystyrene, bubble rap, sheets for packaging
,cartoni doppia onda,polistirolo,cantinette,bubble rap,fogli per imballaggio, food bags and packaging adhesive.